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Who Knows You??? December 10, 2011

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A wise man once told me “it is not about who you know, but who knows you.” When I first heard that statement I thought to myself, “well, ok but who knows me?” and ever since that day I have been seeking to make sure that I get to know people, and more importantly people get to know me.

As an undergrad I am in the position of having to absorb a lot of knowledge in a very short time, all while attempting to start my professional appearance and student teach, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate already I now need to add networking into all of that?! MADNESS!!!

Senior year is already upon me, and I find myself searching through graduate programs, trying to find the on that fits me best and is what I am looking for in my higher education. As I look into various programs across the country for Instrumental Conducing, I am focusing on three main points of interest that I feel are important to share: 1.) Assistantships– these are vital to anyone seeking to obtain their higher education degree and need financial help in getting it. A lot of schools offer full assistantships which provide stipends for academic credit along with a monthly stipend for work in the department, ensembles, and classes. These Assistantships also are a great opportunity for teaching experiences, with grad assistants often filling in for applied classes and private lesson opportunities outside of the university. 2.) Who will I be learning from? Higher education is what you make out of it, and this largely is impacted by the person that will be instructing you. For instrumental conducting it is important to have a teacher that has a solid foundation in the field and has a reputation of excellence. 3.) Podium time– as a conducting major the one element that is not provided in undergrad studies is podium time. The art and craft of conducting is an art that requires consistently learning, practicing and critique. The best way to continue learning and refining your craft is podium time. Many universities have bands specifically for the graduate assistants in conducting to conduct the band, rehearse and choose the programs for which is a huge positive for any conducting major.

I am very excited for the upcoming week; well why, you ask? Because, I have the opportunity once again to attend the 65th Annual Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Ill. I was able to attend the conference last year and had an amazing time. The conference is a great opportunity to meet fellow musicians and go to clinics specific to your area of music, attend great concerts and meet and network with the great composers and artists in our field! While in Chicago, I am hoping to make further contact with some graduate schools that I am looking into and establish a good line of contact so they can begin to know me and where I am seeking to go with my future.

This year I am especially excited to be a member of the presenting team for A.P.S. Development, LLC. This will be presenting their new app, Music Master Pro. This new app is such a valuable tool for directors in every music ensemble. I am proud to be a presenter at their station in the C.L.Barnhouse Co. booth (#700) with Dr. Edwin Arnold, Dr. Joseph Pisano, Composer Robert W. Smith and Andrew Ritenour. Come to the booth to see live demonstrations of this great tool and check it out for yourself. I would love to see you there, so stop by, say hi and introduce yourself!

I apologize for my lack of consistency in posting, my summer was spent teaching kids how to sail on the Chesapeake Bay and preparing for my senior recital and before I knew it I was back at school. Keep in touch and be sure to follow my progress into the world of student teaching and my pursuits of a graduate degree in Instrumental conducting.



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