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PMEA Music Advocacy video! May 3, 2011

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As Promised, the Pennsylvania Music Educators Music Advocacy Video is finally up!

Thank you to all of the music educators who came out to PMEA this year in Hershey, PA. This event was a highlight for many, it happened friday morning before sessions begain. Hundreds of Music teachers, past, present, and future all came together to raise support for music programs across Pennsylvania as well as across the nation.

Please Spread this video to raise awareness of the job cuts that are happening in music departments all over, and SAVE THE MUSIC!!



Technology in the Music Classroom April 21, 2011

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More and more technology is being  integrated in classrooms, so why not enhance the class and involve the kids with the technology that  many of them already know how to use (better than their teachers)? With so much technology out there, and more being created everyday, what technology is worth using and what should rather be left outside the classroom?

My discerning factor in this is simple: if the kids can actively learn from it, and not be distracted, and use it; its good. bottom line- its for the kids.

Smart Boards in regular classrooms

More and more schools are being funded and provided with Smart Boards or the equivalent products. This new technology is being embraced my many school districts which is a great sign for education and in moving further into the 21st century.