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Who Knows You??? December 10, 2011

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A wise man once told me “it is not about who you know, but who knows you.” When I first heard that statement I thought to myself, “well, ok but who knows me?” and ever since that day I have been seeking to make sure that I get to know people, and more importantly people get to know me.

As an undergrad I am in the position of having to absorb a lot of knowledge in a very short time, all while attempting to start my professional appearance and student teach, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate already I now need to add networking into all of that?! MADNESS!!!



Technology in the Music Classroom April 21, 2011

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More and more technology is being  integrated in classrooms, so why not enhance the class and involve the kids with the technology that  many of them already know how to use (better than their teachers)? With so much technology out there, and more being created everyday, what technology is worth using and what should rather be left outside the classroom?

My discerning factor in this is simple: if the kids can actively learn from it, and not be distracted, and use it; its good. bottom line- its for the kids.

Smart Boards in regular classrooms

More and more schools are being funded and provided with Smart Boards or the equivalent products. This new technology is being embraced my many school districts which is a great sign for education and in moving further into the 21st century.


The Journey Begins… March 31, 2011

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What to write? This question has plagued my brain for the past week or so, and in an effort to get my new blog up and running I thought I would explain a little bit my purpose behind this project and why I am writing.


I look at my life as one big journey. From start to finish we each have a journey to make and it is up to us to make the most out of it. I started my journey last century, (weird to say) and I now find myself at the epic age of 21. with the world at my finger tips and endless possibilities, I see myself with many options.


The story of how I got here, to Grove City College, is a good one, but I’ll maybe save that for another post. But right now the vehicle that is taking my on my life journey is Grove City College Department of Music. It’s a great ride and boy has it been an adventure so far. So many places I thought I’d never see, like the football field in a marching band uniform( I played football in HS, no marching band where I come from!).


My purpose in writing this blog is to share, with whom ever will accept it, my experiences, thoughts and critiques on my journey from undergraduate to band director. Becoming a HS band director has been my passion since high school and is by no means my finish line, but is definitely a big marker in my life journey.


So to those of you who have read so far, thanks! I look forward to many more posts to come. I cant guarantee any timeline of when they will come, but I can ensure a good sense of humor in them, and at time a very interesting way of putting things. I am very loud, confident, and Italian. (I’m also a trumpet player, some would say that’s a dangerous combination.)


Some words to leave you with: